There is cross lines on the remote control and no pressure data display:1. After setting the function of "Rise on start, Auto go down", when starting the car, do not operate any buttons when the air compressor is working, Do not frequently ignite and turn off the engine. After the management complete the function, the controller display will recovery automatically.2. If your remote controller shows cross lines, no pressure display on, and the blue light ( in the lower left corner of the solenoid valve)does not flash, the air compressor does not work when start the car. It is possible that the control system has entered the safety lock mode. Usually it is caused by unstable signal or abnormal transmission. At this time, try to plug and unplug the power cord of the solenoid valve, and restart the solenoid valve after power off (the power off time is more than 10 seconds). Plug and unplug the USB cable, plug and unplug the Bluetooth module. If the above operations still fail to solve the problem. You need to use the mobile APP to unlock it. In this case, please contact the supplier who sold the kits to you for assistance.3.If another mobile phone is used to connect the same management without unbinding, the management will be locked and stop working, and cross lines will appear. You need to contact the kits supplier to provide you with an unlock code to unlock it. [Reminder]: one mobile phone can only be connected to one management. If you want to connect the mobile phone with another management, please unbind the previous management first. At the same time, the management is only connected to one mobile phone. If you want to change another mobile phone to control the management, you need to unbind it too. The remote control button is operated too frequently and causes the management to crash: The remote control button is operated too frequently and causes the management to crash: Management takes a certain of time to complete the operating functions. Also the bluetooth App takes a certain of time to catch and transmit signal. If you operate the controller or APP too fast when the management still under runing the functions. It may cause the remote control to freeze, crash, or not respond. In this case, do not press any keys, just wait for the management to complete the functions, or plug in and unplug the controller cable to restart the remote control. Does the flashing logo light on the management consume the battery power after the car is turned off?Since the design of the Airllen control system is that : The controller is in standby mode after the car is turned off, the mobile phone APP Bluetooth can be used to control the car up and down, which is convenient for display and demonstration. The LED light of the Logo on the management can be turned off in the settings. The control system in standby state consumes less electricity and will not affect the battery. However, if you do not drive car for more than a week, it is recommended to disconnect the power on the battery.Regarding the remote control display, the airbag pressure is abnormal, and the airbag is leaking or inflated abnormally :Regarding air leaking, first use soapy water to check if the airbag and airline are damaged, and if the fittings are not tightly sealed. In addition to the above, impurities entering the solenoid valve will also cause automatic deflation. Impurities entering the solenoid valve may also cause automatic inflation. How to clear the impurities in the solenoid valve, please contact the dealer.Does the management need to be drained regularly?Be sure to drain the management control system regularly, including the water trap and the drain valve under the tank. Water will cause a short circuit in the circuit and seriously affect the service life of the control system.For more questions, you can contact us directly.